5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Give Back

Kevin ToddWhy We Give

Many small business owners may be under the impression that they cannot give back to their communities because they won’t make much of an impression, or won’t make a dent in the need.

Small business owners often think that larger corporations are the ones with all of the muscle when it comes to giving back and lending a helping hand in the communities because larger corporations are known to have more to give. However, that is not always true. If you are a small business owner looking to give back, consider some of the following options.

In-Kind Donations

An In-Kind donation is one that offers your professional services to a charity or non-profit in need. In-kind donations can come in handy if you have a desirable trade, or skill, that often costs the charity organization money. Maybe you can offer the charity space to hold an event, catering, labor, or another service that would greatly bolster their support. The options are endless.

Volunteer Time

If you are short on funds to donate and there is an option to volunteer time or perhaps a group activity. Many non-profits like the Raleigh Rescue Mission appreciate the work of large groups coming together to prepare, package and/or serve food. In fact, many local recuse missions and organizations in the Raleigh area can not get the masses fed without groups of volunteers to pitch in and help.

Christmas Help

Around the holiday season, there are many opportunities to lend a helping hand like selecting a Salvation Army Christmas Angel from local trees to sponsor children. You could also opt to “adopt” a local family in need if anyone in your office is aware of one this holiday season. By choosing a local family to sponsor throughout the holiday you will be serving your community, and forming a lasting connection.

Encourage Employees

Small Businesses should encourage their employees to participate in what inspires them and allow them a certain number of hours a month to perform nonprofit and charity work and publicize it! When it is important to your business that your employees are passionate about philanthropic work, it reflects well on your business.

Merchant Match Charity

If you are a small business that processes credit cards, then you pay monthly fees to a credit card processor. However, Merchant Match Charity allows you to redirect a portion of those fees to a non-profit of your choice. With every single transaction, you process you can actually give money to a charity of your choice, just by taking control of credit card processing fees!

Before you take on any new project that requires support from your staff, make sure that you speak to your team and ask them what they are interested in supporting. When you put passion behind something it makes a campaign far more successful. You don’t have to be a large corporation with a lot of money to show support you just need to have passion and a giving heart. We can all give something.