Why We Give: Eyedeals on Falls

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Editor’s Note: The “Why We Give” series feature Eyedeals on Falls businesses who are actively donating a portion of their monthly credit card transaction fees to a special charity or charities of their choice.

While many health care professionals get a bad rap for not listening to patients, Eyedeals on Falls optometry does listen to patients even when it’s about credit card processing.

According to Nicholas Pallas, Optician at Eyedeals on Falls, one of the practice’s patients initially told the eye care provider about Merchant Match Charitie’s Impact Partner program. “I wasn’t familiar with the concept, but after talking with Kevin Todd, owner of Merchant Match Charity, we found out it’s a great way to help support local causes in the area, our patients and the community,” he says.

Every business that accepts credit cards pays monthly rates and fees to a credit card processor for their service. Merchant Match Charity donates half of its profits from a client’s processing fees to a charity the business designates. “It’s nice to know that a necessary cost of business (processing credit cards) actually has a beneficial use not just to our patients and friends but to the community at large,” says Pallas.

The transition over the Merchant Match Charity was seamless says Pallas with a smile, “It was easy as can be — one simple form and Kevin took care of the rest of the details.”

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