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Editor’s Note: The “Why We Give” series features Positive Impact for Kids who are actively donating a portion of their monthly credit card transaction fees to a special charity or charities of their choice.

While most teenagers are focused on clothes, music and texting their bff, 16-year-old Leann Joyce, founder and president of Positive Impact for Kids, is focused on raising money to help decrease pain and anxiety for hospitalized children.

Joyce was born with Aortic Valve Stenosis; a heart condition that narrows the aortic valve, preventing proper blood flow. Because of her progressive heart condition, Joyce, a nationally ranked jump roper, competitive swimmer and gymnast had to give up all rigorous activity immediately when she was 12 years old. Someday, Joyce will likely need a valve transplant.

After spending many stressful hours in hospitals, Joyce received a gift that not only lifted her spirits, but inspired her to help other anxious pediatric patients. “While in the hospital waiting for test results, teenage volunteers handed me a gift which completely relieved me of my stress and I knew I wanted to give back,” says Joyce.

Unable to participate in the sports she loves and a desire to help others, led Joyce to ask a local supermarket if she could have a bake sale to raise money. She was told only nonprofits were allowed to sell items. From there, Joyce with the help of her parents created Positive Impact for Kids, in November 2011, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to decreasing pain and anxiety for hospitalized children.

“We provide hospitals with distraction tools such as iPads, gift cards, gaming systems and laptops to boost the self-esteem of pediatric patients, says Joyce. “I’ve donated more than 70 iPads to 76 hospitals – at least one in every state.”

To date, Joyce has raised more than $56,000 through private donations, fundraisers and grants. “Whole Foods very generously donated more than $5,000 and Safeway also gave us a $5,000 grant,” says Joyce. “My goal is to raise more than $100,000 by my high school graduation in 2018. I’m really excited about our partnership with Merchant Match Charity to help us achieve this goal.”

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