Why We Support: FRANK Gallery

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Editor’s Note: The “Why We Support” series features FRANK Art Gallery that have partnered with Merchant Match Charity to create a new revenue stream by becoming an Impact Partner. MMC donates a portion of its credit card processing profits back to the nonprofit. 

FRANK Gallery, the Franklin Street Art Collective, has been educating, enriching and building a stronger Chapel Hill community through the arts for the past six years.

“We are a 22-member cooperative and what differentiates us from other art galleries is that we are also a nonprofit,” says Torey Mishoe, gallery manager at FRANK Gallery.

The city of Chapel Hill approached a group of artists and asked them to form a gallery in downtown to give the area a focal point, comments Jean LeCluyse, member chair for the FRANK Gallery. “The creative economy is very important to the health of a community,” says LeCluyse. “We are doing very well in terms of representing interesting art and you can see that in the gallery today. We feature beautiful work, interesting work and represent a wide variety of work in terms of artist disciplines.”

The art gallery serves a diverse population through programs, workshops, exhibitions and events. FRANK also partners with local charities, such as, the Art Therapy Institute, the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Triangle Land Conservancy and the Ackland Art Museum.

“We are in communication with the wider community in a lot of different ways, Rubbish 2 Runway, for example, focuses on young artists and inspires students at the high school and college level,” says LeCluyse.

The FRANK Gallery learned about Merchant Match Charity’s Impact Partner program though its Board Chair, Steve Winegar, who met Tim Blomstrom, director of operations for Merchant Match Charity, a few months ago, comments Mishoe. “We were using merchant services through our bank and had experienced some hiccups,” she says. “We were ready to switch platforms and the Impact Partner program seemed too good to be true.”

All the paperwork to set up the account was done online in a collaborative environment and was completed quickly, she comments. “It was harder getting our old provider to shut down than getting our Merchant Match Charity terminal set up—it was literally plug and play.”

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