When you become an Impact Partner, every time you accept a credit card you will be directly supporting a non-profit or charity you feel passionate about. Do good while doing business.

The Merchant Match Charity Mission

Merchant Match Charity was born out of a desire to rise above the norm in an industry known for deception and gimmicks.

We believe that giving is in the heart of an entrepreneur. Our proprietary system enables those merchants to turn a necessary cost of doing business into a way of giving back to the community.

Our mission is to change the way people view their merchant account, and promote the importance of giving back to the community. We strive to develop lasting partnerships with our customers to see them grow and their communities flourish.

Merchant Match Charity is blessed to be partnered with amazing merchants, schools, churches, and non-profits across the country. We work tirelessly to provide the very best customer service, technology, and support system for our customers.

Why choose Merchant Match?

Our vast experience, commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative technology are just some of the qualities that set us apart.

  • Partnered with the industry leaders in processing.
  • Best pricing available for your processing needs.
  • The Latest Equipment – Charge anywhere Phone Swipe, Wireless terminals, POS systems.
  • Tablet software available (Free Quickbooks with swipe plugin).
  • Easy online application (start to finish).
  • International processing available (off shore banks).
  • Hard to place merchants accepted (High Risk option).
  • Full service – Major Credit Cards, ACH and E check options.

Meet The Merchant Match Charity Team

Melissa Cordova

Account Manager

Melissa is the Merchant Match host and account manager.

Glen Mermer

Giving Executive

Glen is a Giving Executive and in charge of finding the best solutions available for Merchant Match applicants.

Kevin Todd


Merchant Match Charity was developed by Kevin Todd, a banking and credit processing veteran who grew weary of the confusion and fees so common in the industry.
In a move to set his company apart from the competition, Kevin created Merchant Match Charity, which allows merchants to convert the necessary costs of credit card processing fees into a way to give back to the communities that support them.
By redirecting a portion of the processing fees his company collects to charitable causes, Kevin has radically changed the face of corporate philanthropy.
With his passion to teach the basic principles of giving with integrity and transparency, Kevin views his position as one called to lead the effort in a new movement that captures the heart of each entrepreneur with which his company partners.
He sees that Merchant Match Charity is bigger than himself and his team, and prays that he would be able to communicate this effectively to business owners, charities, and the community at large.