How to Find The Right Local Charity

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Many businesses donate to charities throughout the year, it is an essential element of who we are and allows us to have a positive impact on others. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be challenging trying to locate the right charity. Often, we question the charities motives, approval, and quality before making a move.

After all, Informed Giving is Effective Giving.

If your company is on the search for a reputable local charity to help support there are valuable tools available online that can help you navigate through all of the questions you may be asking.

Guide on Charity

The following resources will allow you to make an informed decision in regards to which charity fits your company’s giving needs as well as the best way to donate funds:

GuideStar claims to be the world’s largest database of information on nonprofits. GuideStar works to gather information on over 2.7 million nonprofits every year and the list keeps growing. GuideStar is a national database but allows you to search by state, city, metro area, county, zip code, organization, and more. The GuideStar database has over 51,400 nonprofit results in North Carolina alone.

Charity Navigator is a national database as well and was founded 16 years ago. Charity Navigator rates charities using a 4-star system based on financial health, accountability, and transparency. Charity Navigator allows you to narrow your search by state and city and delivers results that include: ratings, programs, IRS forms, mission statements, revenue, similar charities, and more.

GreatNonprofits is a community-sourced database that allows you to search for local nonprofits and charity organizations that are community-reviewed. Most organizations have videos, pictures, and a general overview of the nonprofits mission statement. GreatNonprofits is a great place to begin your search for local nonprofits trusted by other businesses.

Guide on Giving

These online databases make finding the right charity for your business simple so that you can begin making a difference in your community through charitable donations.

Many businesses select and then donate funds to their charity of choice once a year payable by check, or online through crowdfunding, allowing their employees to participate in an effort to raise funds ending in a company match. Nonprofits and charities undoubtedly benefit from these fundraising and gift-giving efforts.

But what if companies would donate money to the charity of their choice all year long? Imagine the benefit for the nonprofits.

If your business processes credit cards then you are paying monthly rates and fees to a credit card processor and have no control over how the fees are used. But, Merchant Match Charity is different. Merchant Match Charity gives you back the control and allows you to direct a portion of the credit card fees you’re already paying to support a non-profit of your choice; with Merchant Match Charity every transaction counts.

After utilizing the databases above to locate the charity that best aligns with your businesses’ giving needs, the next step is to begin to simplify the giving process. Establishing consistency within a network of givers such as the one found in Merchant Match Charity helps to create a positive impact that promotes growth as well as a partnership with your chosen charity.